clean crayonWe probably don’t remember the first time our crayon slipped off the paper and onto Mom’s new rug. But the good news is that they’re likely to come out. It is possible to clean crayon stains come off almost any household surface.

Your little one just colored your carpet with a red crayon. So what now? There’s a chance you’re angry with him but hey stay nice. Crayons and other wax materials are simple to remove. The following are procedures on how to remove or clean crayon from the carpet.

Things Needed to Clean Crayon Stains:

brown paper bag
electric iron
mild detergent
multipurpose cleaner
non-serrated knife
warm water


  1. Scrape off the crayon. First of all, you have to scrape off the crayons using the non-serrated knife. It should be done carefully to avoid damaging the carpet. Force, as well as pressure, should be applied constantly and equally.
  2. Iron the remainder of the crayon. After removing most of the crayon, it’s time to deal with the remaining crayon on your carpet. Get your brown paper and then lay it over the area. Plug your iron, then iron the brown paper. Focus more on the area where the crayon is found.
  3. Follow up cleaning. Once you’ve done ironing the affected area, the crayon should probably be gone. However, there are times when the crayon has set in for a longer time period unnoticed and has accumulated additional dirt, dust and debris. To be certain the carpet is totally cleaned, we have to apply to follow up cleaning. Grab your multipurpose cleaner and put some of it on the area and then blot.
  4. Apply mild detergent. Now, grab your mild detergent and pour over the area. Blot the area once more.
  5. Put over a tiny amount of ammonia and then blot.
  6. Final Rinse. Following putting some amount of ammonia on the carpet, you will need to flood the area with warm water. Right after putting on some water, blot the area to dry. Place over a towel or stack of paper. Primarily you have to add some weights in order to absorb the water faster. Leave for a few minutes until the carpet is dry.


  • Never rub the area once it has stains or wax. Just blot. Rubbing may well spread the stains or wax.
  • Never allow anybody to step on the carpet just immediately after removing the towels you used to absorb the water. Allow for the carpet to completely dry before using it to make sure the carpet will not accumulate dirt once we step on it.

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