clean makeupDifferent kinds of make-up will respond to different types of cleaning solutions. Successful clean makeup removal is dependent on knowing which solution works well with the type of stain you have. The trick to remove or clean makeup stain from carpet is quick action. The longer the spill is on the carpet, the more it will penetrate into the carpet fibers. Creating a stain that is more difficult to remove.

Things Needed to Clean Makeup:

  • Cleaning Solution: (safe for all carpet types, but be sure to test it first in an inconspicuous place for colorfastness)
    • Lipstick: Rubbing (Isopropyl) Alcohol, or paint remover and then dry cleaning fluid (this is safe for wool)
    • Mascara and Eye-liner: a ¼ quarter teaspoon of Dawn or Joy dishwashing soap mixed with 1 cup of warm water
    • Liquid Foundation: 3 % hydrogen peroxide solution or non-flammable dry- cleaning solution (such as K2 spot remover or Afta)
    • Blush, Eye Shadow or Powdered Foundation (non-oil based): 5-6 drops of mild laundry detergent mixed with 1 cup of cold water
  • Plastic Spoon
  • Spray bottle with clean water
  • White paper towels
  • White wash cloth (Avoid using wash clothes or towels with colors or prints as the dye may bleed into the carpet, making for another difficult stain.)


  1. Take away any excess or caked-on make-up with a cloth or plastic spoon, being careful not to rub or grind the stain into the fiber.
  2. Pour a modest amount of cleaning solution onto the wash cloth, ensuring that it is damp, but not saturated.
  3. Test a small, inconspicuous area of the carpet using the cleaning solution prior to treating the stain to make sure your carpet tolerates the solution well.
  4. Blot the stain using the cleaning solution using a firm lifting motion. DO NOT rub as this may drive the stain further into the carpet.
  5. Do it again until the stain is removed or no more color is lifted off on the cloth.
  6. For liquid foundation which has been allowed to dry into the fibers of the carpet, it may be essential to allow the hydrogen peroxide solution to sit on the stain for an hour or more in order to loosen the stain prior to removal. To get this done, apply the hydrogen peroxide to the cloth and allow the damped cloth to sit directly on the stain.


Always use a clean, dry, colorfast cloth otherwise a stain may transfer from the cloth to the carpet.

  1. In case you are using a dry-cleaning solution instead, you should definitely read and follow all directions and warnings on the product before using.
  2. Spray the area lightly with clean water from the spray bottle to rinse.
  3. Blot using a clean white cloth to remove any remaining residue.
  4. Put a few squares of paper towel on the wet spot and weigh it down using a book or other heavy item.
  5. Allow this site for a few hours to absorb any excess water.
  6. Take away weight and towels and allow the area to air-dry.
  7. As soon as the area is completely dry, vacuum thoroughly to restore texture and remove any remaining residue.

Guidelines: Other Clean Makeup Techniques

  • Apply ivory soap and blot up stain using a clean cloth
  • Regarding oil based lipsticks, work Vaseline into the stain with your fingers and scrape up with a spoon. Clean the remainder with dawn soap mixed with warm water.
  • Never saturate the area of the stain with cleaning solution. It can result in the stain to get worse and if you’re using alcohol, it may permeate through to the backing and destroy the latex bond.
  • Don’t use a cleaning solution that contains lanolin or bleach since this may damage your carpet.
  • At all times read and follow all care instructions and warnings provided by the carpet manufacturer.
  • Rugs and carpets with natural fibers and/or certain dyes may necessitate special treatment. Even if you have the slightest uncertainty, always contact a cleaning professional for advice or service.
  • If you have an oriental rug or if your carpet is wool or silk, it is strongly advised that you have the stain removed professionally. These kinds of rugs/carpeting are sensitive and may not be color fast. Be sure to call a carpet specialist familiar with the type of rug/carpet you have. If you’re in doubt as to the type of material your carpet or Oriental rug is made of, look into the tag, or check with the retailer/installer for your carpet.
  • Refrain from walking on any damp areas of carpet. Be certain any spots you cleaned are dry before you walk on them.

If you follow all these steps and still have a stain, call Carpet Cleaning Auckland. They are usually able to remove or clean makeup stains. As long as they do not contain permanent dyes.


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