Carpet and red wine… It might seem like the beginning of a household nightmare but it needn’t be. We will show you how to clean red wine out of the carpet in these simple steps.

The crucial element in removing a red wine stain from a carpet is to tackle the job immediately. If the stain is permitted to remain on the carpet for longer than a few moments, it can become a permanent one that only a professional carpet cleaning service can undo. Protect your investment in your home by means of cleaning red wine spills out of a carpet the instant they happen.

Things Needed to Clean Red Wine Stain:

Clear laundry detergent
Small container or spray bottle
White rag or towel


  1. Combine warm water with three or four drops of clear laundry detergent. By no means use hot water on a wine spill to clean it up because doing so will make the stain permanent by heat-setting it. Pour the soapy mixture onto the stain until it’s totally covered.
  2. Blot the spot, with a dry white towel or rag, until it fades.
  3. Allow the water to sink into the stain for a minute or two. After that, rinse the red wine spot carefully with more warm water from the sink and blot the stain once more.
  4. Perform steps 1, 2, and 3 again. Repeat the washing, blotting, and rinsing procedures until the stain has been removed successfully. Allow the affected area of the rug to dry overnight.
  5. Vacuum the rug to take out any dirt as well as dust that accumulated there.


  • Under no circumstances use hot water on a stain.

Note: Remember to spot test a less visible area of your carpet first. Carpets can vary and may not all react to stain removal in the same way.

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