clean tarIn cases where you have a nasty tar stain on the carpet, you have a pretty serious situation. Tar is among the most difficult stains to remove from carpet. Prior to deciding to quit purchasing brand-new carpet, try to remove the stain yourself. There are some carpet cleaning methods that may clean tar stain.

Getting Rid of Tar Stains From Carpet


  1. Grab a home dry cleaning kit. These kits can be purchased at grocery stores or discount chains. Don’t forget to buy the non-flammable dry cleaning fluid. Pour the fluid on a cotton ball or white cloth and press down on the tar stain. Keep patting as well as pressing until the tar is gone.
  2. Test a solvent-based cleaner like Goof-Off or Goo Gone. Carefully pat the stain and press it with strong, firm pressure until the tar lifts.
  3. Buy a heavy-duty liquid disinfectant for example Lestoil. This type of cleaner breaks up grease as well as stains.
  4. Drop by the automotive aisle and purchase a tar and bug remover designed for cars. Go through the directions for tar removal. You might like to test the tar remover on a hidden patch of carpet prior to using it on your tar stain, because these types of cleaners are made for use on automobiles, not carpet.
  5. Purchase a carpet spot removal kit. Available at home improvement stores, vacuum cleaner stores or on the Internet, these kits include professional spot remover materials.
  6. Seek the help of a carpet cleaning professional just like Carpet Cleaning Auckland to clean tar. In the event the tar is clinging on for dear life, trust the professionals. All things considered, it is much cheaper to pay to have your carpet professionally cleaned rather than buying a new carpet. An additional bonus is that you clean all your carpet, besides the spot with the tar.

Clean Tar Guidelines:

  • Use caution when using some of the tar removal solutions, because they may be toxic or flammable.

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