Clean UrineDog and cat urine should be removed from carpet immediately if your pet accidentally discharged the call of nature on your carpet since it is so odorous. In addition to that, fresh urine is better to remove compared to a very stinky old urine. Listed here are the measures you can do to clean urine or remove from carpet.

Getting Rid of Urine from Carpet

Directions to Clean Urine:

  1. You need to look at the area first. Assuming the urine is new then you ought to try absorbing the remaining urine by using paper towels or any clean towels. Place plenty of paper towels over the area as much as possible to extract the remainder of the pet urine. Should there be still presence of urine, then you need to repeat the procedures until urine vanishes.
  2. Combat against odor. At this point, to fight against the odor of your pet’s urine you need to get ready your carpet cleaning solution. Now, we will be using white vinegar. You will need to prepare 50 percent of water versus 50 percent of water. Mix them thoroughly. You can also purchase some enzyme based solution rather than vinegar. Enzyme carpet cleaning solution could also break down the acids from pet urine as well as combat with its odor.
  3. Apply solution. Following doing the solution in step two, you have to apply this certain solution on the carpet urine. You can use bottle spray to just spray it over or you can make use of sponge to spread or squeeze the solution. Allow the vinegar solution to penetrate down the carpet up to the carpet pad. Vinegar combats and neutralizes the ammonia on out pet urine.

More ways to remove pet urine from carpet:

  1. Rinse off the carpet through spraying the area with water then blot the it with clean towels to extract or absorb the water on it.
  2. Smell the carpet. If you still smell the pet urine, you might want to add vinegar solution again. Repeat procedures 3 to 5.
  3. Dry the area. Once you have checked the smell and knowing its gone, it is time to dry the area. You may put your towel covering the area with matching weights over the towel. It helps make sure the towel will absorb the water even the ones on the deeper area of the carpet. Leave it for some time and come back after several minutes.
  4. Vacuum the area for final dry and to restore the carpet’s texture.


  • You may use any enzyme based odor neutralizers from any stores as an alternative to using vinegar. However if you would like to save then vinegar will do.
  • Do not be bothered by the vinegar odor. Yes it is somewhat strong for a moment but will later abate and will completely be gone.
  • Do not ever use solutions or carpet cleaners with ammonia. You have to keep in mind that pet urine has ammonia. If they still smell the odor of ammonia then it’s likely that they’ll urinate on the area again and again.
  • To avoid any pet urine on your carpet, you’ll want to train your pet dog or pet cat to urinate in a designated area. Pets are clever so there could be no reason to fail after quite a few trainings.
  • Dispose your rubbish properly. Be certain no trace of ammonia is left.
  • If ever you aren’t sure on how to clean urine from pets. Or if the affected area is bigger then you should definitely call for our help, the professional carpet cleaners. We are the experts in this field and are experienced enough on how to remove and clean urine from carpet.

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