clean vomitCleaning up vomit is one of the worst cleaning tasks around. When it lands on carpet, you have a double task: remove the odors and clean vomit stains.

Getting Rid of Vomit from Carpet

Things Needed to Clean Vomit:

Dust pan
Enzyme-based cleaner
Paper towels
Warm water


As soon as you have prepared the things needed above you have to be quick in cleaning the vomit from carpet before it has penetrated deeper on your carpet. Listed below are the steps needed to be followed to clean vomit out of your carpet.

  1. Big things first. As opposed to any other job wherein we have to start from small things then goes with the big ones, with cleaning vomit from carpet we have to start removing the bigger particles. Make use of your spoon and dust pan to scrape the bigger vomit particles. This is the most disgusting part of the entire process especially if the vomit is so wet.
  2. Take away remaining moisture. When you have taken out the solid vomit particles, you need to take the moisture also. You can do this by putting towel or paper over the area and then blot. Just do it a bit mindful so the vomit would not spread.
  3. Incomplete Rinse. When you have taken out the solid particles and the remaining moisture, you’ll have to spray over the area with warm water. Spray the area using warm water then blot it using your towel until you can see the area is a bit cleaner if not completely really cleaned.

Follow our tips to make it a quick job

  1. Eliminate odor. After taking out the vomit itself, it is now time to combat the vomit odor. This time we start to use the enzyme based cleaner. You can buy this in any cleaning store. Enzyme based cleaner is both an excellent option for cleaning carpet stains and removing carpet odor. In case you don’t have any enzyme based cleaner, you can use vinegar. Vinegar is proven to eliminate odor. Don’t worry the odor caused by vinegar since it will just abate after several minutes. Blot again the area to eliminate the enzyme based cleaner or the vinegar until moisture is lessened. Repeat the procedure until the odor is gone.
  2. Dry the carpet. When the area is totally cleaned already, put over clean towel and set some weights. This is to absorb the remainder of the moisture. Let it sit for a couple of minutes. Come back to vacuum the area to bring back the moisture of the carpet.
  3. Dispose the vomit. At this point, it’s time to dispose to garbage can the vomit particles you have taken out from carpet. Do it very carefully so the vomit won’t fall and create another problem.


  • If your carpet accumulates vomit, ensure that you clean it as quickly as possible. The longer the vomit stays on your carpet the harder it is to remove it. It can penetrate more deeply unto the carpet pads.
  • If you don’t have enzyme based cleaner, create another cleaning solution.
  • It is essential that you know how to clean vomitĀ  from carpet simply because we do not know when will your carpet accumulate it.

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