Taking Away Old Cat Poop

Pick up old cat poop may have left behind and throw them away. If some remains to be stuck to the carpet, you can diligently “comb” out the dried stuff using a hard, flat plastic tool. Such as a teaspoon or you can consider using a hair comb to “lift” the carpet weave. You should not pull at the carpet or scrape too hard because you will end up disturbing the weave of the carpet and that area will appear fuzzy.

Old Cat PoopYou may also lay a wet paper towel over the area to dampen old cat poop, then pull the pieces between your fingertips using the paper towel.

Cleaning the Stained Area

With the use of a soft, white towel, clean the area using a mild laundry soap and water; a combination of Woolite and water works nicely. Blot, don’t rub, otherwise you may destroy the fibers in the carpet.

In case the carpet is light and still continues to be discolored, follow with a treatment of OxiClean Carpet; comply with manufactures instructions:

  1. Spray straight onto the soiled area.
  2. Allow for it to penetrate for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Blot using clean white towel or sponge.
  4. If some stains remain, blot using the white towel or sponge until finally gone.
  5. For the greatest results, vacuum when dry.

In case a carpet cleaner is available, it may be simpler to use. Use the same cleaning solution as stated before or one formulated for pet stains, like Simple Solution. Use hot water. Spray and then suck up the excess water and then mess with the vacuum part of the cleaner. Once you’re done, you might like to clean any brush parts of the cleaner and the “dirty water” receptacle with bleach/water to minimize the chances of transferring the odor to another location you clean.

Wash off thoroughly with plain water and then blot totally dry.

In the event that the area is large or it is a frequent area the cat prefers, you might need to consider pulling up the carpet in that area and cleaning the pad and the floor underneath it. Clean with equal parts bleach and water and then allow to dry completely prior to laying the carpet down.

Disinfect & Deodorize for Old Cat Poop

Any pet, dog or cat, will return to the area if it is not cleaned appropriately, the odor will stay. This can create damage to your carpet and eventually the smell will be impossible to get out. So you’ll want to follow your cleaning efforts using a neutralizing product, just like one of the enzymatic cleaners.

The Ways to Avoid Foreseeable Accidents

Be certain you are supplying your cats with a clean area to relieve themselves. Make sure the cat litter box is cleaned every day. Should you have recently changed kitty litter brands, try changing back for the reason that cat might be fussy or not like the new litter.

If accidents persist, contact your vet for further guidance.

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