Sour Milk OdorsSour milk leaves a strong odor that can grow to be too much to handle. If you unfortunately have this problem at home, don’t sweat it too much. Sour milk odors can be removed as long as you follow the right steps. Here is what you will need to do to remove the nasty sour milk odor on your carpet.

Carpet Deodorizer Technique

– Carpet deodorizers (Ex: Carpet Fresh for Pets) created for pets are designed to absorb sour milk odors. Spread some over the affected area and let it to set for a day or possibly even longer. Vacuum away once the smell is gone.

Coffee Grounds Technique

– Dust fresh (unused) coffee grounds onto the carpet. Let it set for at least several hours. Then vacuum away.

Enzyme Cleaner Technique

– There are products obtainable, for example Nature’s Miracle which are able to remove the proteins that leave odors, just like cat urine. Milk odors also are derived from proteins left in the carpet. Applying these enzyme-based products will assist you to eliminate the odor. Comply with manufacturer’s directions for application.

OdoBan Technique

– OdoBan is a commercial odor-removal product. It’s available for purchase on the market or shops. Go through the application instructions on the package to eliminate odors from all kinds of surfaces.

Peroxide Technique

– Ordinary hydrogen peroxide enables you to remove odors also. Prior to spraying on the entire carpet, check out a small area initially. Only use ordinary household peroxide. The kind employed to bleach hair is way too aggressive and will bleach the carpet. Spray it on and let it set until eventually it stops “fizzling.” Blot it using a clean cloth or remove it using a steam cleaner or wet vac.

Vinegar Technique

– Place a bowl of vinegar in the odor-filled area for quite a few days. In addition, it works to spray the vinegar straight onto the carpet. Blot it up using a clean cloth or remove using a steam cleaner. There’ll be a slight vinegar odor, but it will dissipate as the carpet dries.

Guidelines for Sour Milk Odors Removal:

  • Virtually any of the above techniques can be repeated until the odor is removed.

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