Soap spills can easily become sudsy unfortunate occurrences if not cleaned up adequately. Prior to letting a drop of water hit your spill, observe the measures below. Surely make this clean up task for spilled shampoo as easy and quick as possible.

Things Needed for Spilled Shampoo Removal:


  1. Start off by removing as much of the shampoo as possible BEFORE adding any water to the location. Use a bowl and spoon or dustpan to scrape the shampoo out of the surface.
  2. Apply pressure when you are scraping to eliminate as much of the shampoo as possible.
  3. After that, use a paper towel to blot the area. This will soak up much of the remainder of the shampoo.
  4. Keep on blotting, using fresh paper towels as required, until they not any longer absorb any moisture.
  5. Right now, there should be small amounts of soap/shampoo left in the carpet.
  6. Work with a wet/dry vacuum to suction out any remaining shampoo that could have soaked further down into the carpet.
  7. Spray the area with a light coat of water.
  8. Use the wet/dry vacuum in order to pull the water and remaining shampoo out from the carpet.
  9. Proceed until no more shampoo is left.
  10. A little bit of suds are fine, but if they start to become overwhelming, sprinkle them with salt. The salt does away with the sudsing.
  11. As soon as all of the shampoo is removed, blot the area using dry paper towels to remove any remaining moisture.
  12. Allow for the area to air dry.


  • It is significant to remove as much of the shampoo as possible prior to adding water. The water will activate the soap and start to form suds. If water is added ahead of time, it will still be possible to remove the shampoo, but it is going to take repeated cleanings.
  • In case no wet/dry vacuum is available, blot the area by using paper towels instead. You may want to opt to rent a carpet shampooer and running it over and over again over the spill with nothing but water in the tank.

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