Steam Carpet Cleaning MethodsThis steam carpet cleaning is also known as deep cleaning. That’s because it is the only carpet cleaning method known to remove at least 97 percent of dirt and bacteria from carpeting. It is also the only method that reaches all the way down to the lowest layer of your carpeting to clean it thoroughly. This makes it the best method for dealing with ground in or difficult stains. In this article, you’ll find out about the steam carpet cleaning methods and the procedure.

Types of Steam Carpet Cleaner

There are many types of steam carpet cleaner on the market. Ranging from small portables up to the extremely powerful and effective truck-mounted units. The principle is similar whether using a portable or truck mounted unit. Hot water or solution is injected into the carpet under pressure and is then extracted almost instantly. Removing soils, residues as well as spots and some stains.

The truck mounted units are made so that only the hose and wand are taken into the building being cleaned. These incredibly powerful units, delivering hot water and generating a high vacuum recovery can be powered by diesel fuel, gas, propane or by the truck’s motor.

Majority of fibers producers, carpet manufacturers and professional cleaners endorse this process for achieving efficient soil removal. With the present state-of-the-art equipment we are proficient at high production with fewer residues as long as the proper chemicals are used and the operators are adequately trained.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Methods

Also known as Hot Water Extraction. This is the most common method for home carpet cleaning.

  • First pass, hot water and detergent are sprayed onto the carpet in the first pass, loosening dirt and other debris.
  • On the second pass of steam carpet cleaning methods, the dirty water is sucked up, or extracted, at high pressure.
  • A third pass is usually required to rinse the carpets and remove any lingering detergent.

Pros: Indeed this is the most effective cleaning method for residential carpets. It removes most dirt and allergens.
Cons: On the contrary, carpets cleaned using hot water extraction can take up to 24 hours to fully dry.

Steam Carpet Cleaning works really well on hard surfaces, and may be suitable for a quick refresh for carpets which are only lightly soiled, but it cannot give the same depth of cleaning as the hot water extraction carpet cleaning method, and if you’re paying for the full hot water extraction clean, you don’t want to end up with a light steam.

The cleaning is enhanced through the rinsing capacity to:

  • Neutralize any alkalinity contained in the pre-spray
  • Lock migrant dyes back into the fibers
  • Ceases soils from redepositing back onto the fibers. This can be done by sequestering agents

Steam Carpet Cleaning: Procedure

  • Get ready the equipment and supplies.
  • Should there be a lot of furniture to remove, draw a floor plan.
  • In case the area has furniture, remove as much as possible.
  • Thoroughly vacuum carpet. If pile is crushed or matted, working with a pile brush will help loosen the soils which will make the vacuuming process more effective.
  • Pre-spray an ample amount of the emulsifying pre-spray to an area 400-600 sq. ft.
  • With the use of a grooming tool, agitate the pre-spray into the fibers and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes. (Make certain that it does not dry out.)
  • Extract area with a portable, truck mounted extractor or an automatic carpet machine.
  • Do again steps 5 to 7 until the entire area has been completed.
  • Groom cleaned area.
  • Replace any furniture that was taken out (place protective shields under any legs that may cause rust).
  • Thoroughly clean up all equipment.

Intent behind Grooming

  • Because of Steam Carpet Cleaning Methods, it helps achieve full fiber contact.
  • Begins soil suspension
  • As well as it assists in lifting crushed or matted fibers

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