Vacuum CleaningHaving a clean home is necessary especially when you suffer from allergies and asthma. For individuals that endure from these conditions, a vacuum cleaner can be a wonderful tool. When you have young children and pets, it’s a good idea to do vacuum cleaning at home.

There are many options when it comes to buying a vacuum cleaner. If you do research, you will find the one that meets your requirements as well as your budget.

Knowing what types of vacuum cleaners are available is important. There are many vacuum cleaners on the market that offer a variety of options. Being aware of what you need will help you to decide.

Let Carpet Cleaning Auckland take a quick look at the two most common vacuum cleaners on the market.

Types of Vacuum for Vacuum Cleaning

Canister Vacuum Cleaner. A few canister vacuum cleaner models can be a little bulky which makes them a hassle to carry around. The advantage though with this type of vacuum is that you can use it for more than just cleaning your carpet. You can clean your drapes, bare floors, furniture, and hard to reach places with it. A canister vacuum also makes vacuuming the stairs in your home considerably easier than the upright vacuum cleaner would. Great for vacuum cleaning.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner. An upright vacuum cleaner is regarded as the widely used vacuum cleaner for many reasons. You can easily store it and it takes up little space, so it can easily fit in a small hall closet or other small space. The majority of models also have a rotating brush, and enough power to give your carpet a deep-clean. An upright vacuum cleaner can be somewhat heavy and noisy, but they are very useful to have.

How to Pick the Perfect Vacuum Cleaner?

No matter if you choose a canister vacuum cleaner or an upright vacuum cleaner, it is important for any allergy or asthma sufferer to get a vacuum that is designed for their requirements. A good choice would be a vacuum that includes a HEPA filter. This filter will help trap dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander, mold, bacteria, and others. By using a regular vacuum, it will just redistribute these particles back into the air in your home.

Regardless of how good of a vacuum cleaner you buy, it is still recommended to get a professional carpet cleaning at least once each year. A professional carpet cleaner will pick up what your vacuum cleaner leaves behind. When searching for a professional carpet cleaning company, ask them if they offer any services to allergy sufferers.  Many professional carpet cleaners employ specialized cleaning agents and different methods when cleaning carpets for individuals that suffer from asthma or have allergies.

In the event that you invest in a good vacuum cleaner combined with regular professional carpet cleaning, not only will your home be cleaner and healthier, but your carpets will look wonderful as well.

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